Civil Engineering Research
Civil Engineering Research1

Silicon Engineering Consultants is the prominent company providing the one of the best services of Civil Engineering Research. Civil Engineering is concerned with for all intents and purpose all parts of the urban living space and the associations that exist between the manufactured, regular and human situations. Civil Engineers are responsible for virtually all infrastructure in the world. We have the experienced and skilled team of Silicon Engineering Consulants who takes in the projects of Civil Engineering Research.

Civil Engineering is one of the most diverse fields of engineering and graduates are involved in everything from structural design and traffic engineering to water supply and geotechnical investigations. The process of Civil Engineering is been done into four main areas

  • Environmental.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Geotechnics.
  • Ocean, Coastal and Water Resource Engineering.
Civil Engineering Research2

Environmental: Environmental engineering research encompasses water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, landfill design, biosolids treatment, watershed management, engineered wetland design & groundwater remediation.

Infrastructure: The main thrust of research in infrastructure engineering involves the investigation of analysis, design and construction methods for buildings, bridges and other infrastructure. The department has established research groups in earthcake engineering, blast engineering, tsunami engineering and wind engineering.

Geotechnics: The geotechnical engineering group specializes in mining geotechnique, saturated and unsaturated soil mechanics, underground disposal of nuclear waste, advanced modeling techniques and rock mechanics.

Ocean, Coastal and Water Resource Engineering: The water resources engineering group specializes in river, coastal, and urban hydraulics. Utilizing knowledge of turbulent fluid flow and sediment transport, the group solves challenging problems in the morphodynamics of rivers and coastlines. Solutions combine leading-edge research in high resolution field measurements, detailed laboratory physical models, and three-dimensional numerical modelling.

The possibilities for research could be in structures, how they react under different loads or how to design more efficiently. You might be interested in soils and how they behave under loads- when saturated or dry, and how to design a foundation that will not settle. You could reserach different admixtures for concrete or asphalt. Environmental Engineering is also a apart of civil and a huge field of research. Transportation includes roads, rail and airports, geometric design of highways to improve traffic flow is one possible area of research. Water resources dams, locks, levees- is another area.

  • Well trained staff.
  • Innovative methods of providing solutions.
  • Knowledge of industry standards.
  • Years of experience.
  • 100% satisfaction.
  • Cost effective.
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Our team and professional is committed, flexible and dedicated to high quality services to ensure the client satisfaction which help us to maintain long term business relationship. We undertake the work of civil engineering research from starting to the end project that is from reserach, designing to the the construction of the project, we will be with you to support. Silicon Engineering works along with its skilled and experienced team of Civil Engineers, researchers, drafters and designers in a multi disciplined environment to offer valuable structural solutions to assist the many facet of design. Silicon Engineering is having qualitative experience of handling various projects that has satisfied our esteemed clients’ expectations. We are available for 24*7 for your services. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our services.