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ost Estimation Engineering Services are a huge responsibility and are to be enjoyed only from the most trustworthy of the sources. A Construction Cost Estimate is what makes or breaks a project. It is the first step a project takes towards its execution and hence towards its completion. Silicon Engineering has won the trust of innumerable clients in India as well as abroad. Silicon Engineering is known for its accurate and detailed Construction Cost Estimating Services. Builders and contractors are provided reliable material take-offs in the form of precise Construction Cost Estimation Services which lead to the steady and appropriate development of an Engineering project. This allows them to bid on Construction and Engineering projects. The Cost Estimating Services provided by Silicon Engineering helps clients to save time and ensures security. At Silicon Engineering customers bidding on deadlines are given great importance and this in turn results in huge benefits for the client. The Cost Estimation Engineering Services team at Silicon Engineering keeps the customer’s budget and time in mind.

A detailed cost Estimate for a project is done to calculate the overall Engineering cost. This detailed Cost is arrived at by providing Cost Estimate of each process in a work breakdown structure. A summary of these Estimates is made to arrive at the Construction Cost Estimate. Silicon Engineering offers you Cost Estimating Services and Cost Estimation Engineering Services. Silicon Engineering is known for its economics and professionalism while dealing with Tender Documentation and other Cost Estimation related assignments. At Silicon Engineering the architectural technicians and draughtsmen have years of experience in overall Construction management and an indispensable part of this would be generating Construction Cost Estimation.

  • Building Construction Cost Services
  • Bill Of Materials Services
  • Cost Estimate Services

Silicon Engineering team has the technical knowledge and management skills to improve profits. With a view to offer the best to the client Silicon Engineering has done an in depth research in the area of Construction Cost Estimate. Silicon Engineering has broken up Construction Cost Estimate into the following branches:

  • Control Estimate (includes Cost Estimate to complete the project)
  • Design Estimate (includes Engineering Estimate based on the specifications and architectural drawings)
  • Bid Estimate (mainly used for bidding for a Construction project)

The Cost of materials and labor keep changing constantly. Silicon Engineering is conscious of this frequent market changes while preparing a Construction Cost Estimate. Keeping factors like inflation in mind the Bills of Quantities is prepared by a taking- off process in which the Cost of a project is calculated from measurements in the structural Engineering drawings. The accurate building Construction specifications are used to create a Construction Cost Estimate in regard to dimension of the size of walls, roofs and systems such as plumbing, electrical layouts, etc. From the time a concept comes into existence to the execution and final completion of the project, Cost Estimation plays a major role. Silicon Engineering moves with you throughout this journey by giving you accurate Construction Cost Estimation Services related to materials and labor.

Silicon Engineering offers clients Cost Estimation Engineering Services under the following heads

  • conceptual Construction Estimation
  • factored Construction Estimation
  • detailed Construction Estimation complete with estimating fees and other related information

Silicon Engineering can also handle your Building Construction Specifications and other complex jobs like Tender Documentation, Construction and the Cost Estimate of projects from various fields such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitality, etc. Unlike others Silicon Engineering offers you the best of Services in the field of Cost Estimating and Cost Estimation Engineering Services. All your Cost Estimation queries can be answered by Silicon Engineering. Feel free to contact Silicon Engineering today.

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