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Budget and Cost Estimator for Project

Silicon engineering consultants Pvt Ltd is the company that provides end-to-end delivery of BIM services to its clients globally. Till now we all know what is the importance of BIM services along with its different levels of development. Now proceeding further, this service is again segregated in some of the different stages too. Following these stages makes the completion of the service easy, fast, and quick. The next stage available is 5D BIM service, which is completely giving the information for the budget and cost estimation of the entire project.

In every project, it is mandatory to know the budget and the costing that is related to it. So, here the firm takes the assistance of the company that provides the detailed and accurate calculation of the project so that the cost of the project can be finalized and that will add values to the business. We are in the era of the 21st century where the maximum AEC industries are adopting the culture of outsourcing BIM projects so that there is less amount of investment required in the software as well as the investment in the engineers and the modelers. The entire stage of BIM 5D service adds the costing to the project as well as the value to the project construction. It is the service that is incorporating the entire cost of the information that is very-well incorporated in the BIM models object or is directly connected with the software that helps in getting the estimation of the project cost.

5D BIM modeling helps in preparing the relationship between the object and the element. With this required amount of information, it becomes easy to extract the data along with the information that is available from the models that are used and which is relevant for sharing the costing as well as the estimation of the project. It is very much necessary to get the maximum result and output from the given model, and this is only possible with the help of collaborative teamwork. Thus, the ultimate and the finest goal of the company and the owner is to enhance the teamwork as well as collaboration between the projects.

It is the team efforts of multiple members who are associated with the project and to give an effective result it is necessary that the engineers have the 3D models for the drawings and post that once the clashes are been checked it becomes easy to proceed further for generating the drawings into 5D models. The entire process of 5D BIM services is based on the automated process, and each member is kept up to date with the changes whatsoever has been made during the levels of the work.

5D BIM Services offered by us:

Now let us proceed further, and take an understanding of the services that are available with this service. The list for the same is mentioned below in the table form.

Revit 5D BIM Services BIM Coordination Drawings
BIM Construction Detailing Point Cloud to BIM
BIM Coordination Services BIM Model Designs
BIM Shop Drawings BIM Clash Detection

Benefits of BIM 5D Services.

Now when opting to outsource the project it is very much necessary to take an understanding to know if there are any benefits associated with the service. With this said, below mentioned are the benefits of the given services too. So, let us understand some of them.

To know more about the service, or the process of how we work, contact us and we will be at your service to make your dream project come into reality by eliminating all the errors and issues if occurred.