Level of Development

LOD 300 - Detailed Designed Stage

In the era of the 21st century, with proper guidance from BIM consultants, the implementation of BIM services is very easy, accurate, and convenient. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd is your final destination for BIM outsourcing services and this is because we undertake and follow its every Level of Development that is required for its success. The complete BIM Service is incomplete without following the LOD stages. The stages are from LOD 100 to LOD 500. Each and every stage of LOD is determined and interrelated for the successful completion of building information modeling services. With this said let us proceed further and take an understanding of the LOD300 Services, as to why the service is required and for what.

LOD300 Service is basically used for providing the information on the construction process along with the process of either redeveloping an old building or constructing a new building or industry, or hospitals or institutes. LOD300 is the stage that is termed as the stage of receiving the “Detailed Design” of the project, where the specification is given for the desired shape, size, and model. To get the desired result, it is necessary that the team must have the detailed shop drawings for these models, so that on the basis of these drawings the team can get the knowledge of specific assemblies along with the list of the raw materials that are required with its quantities. Here even the non-geometric information is been shared and this is because the virtual visualization of the project along with the checking of the material is possible.

We at Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd is the most promising and prominent company in India, providing its services in the field of engineering as well as designs to the major AEC industries. Holding an experience for over 12+ years we undertake the responsibility of delivering 100% accurate and customer-oriented services to our clients globally. Also, in this process, we understand the importance of the decided international tools, standards, and software that are mandate for the completion of the work. It is because of our team who pertain to have a wise knowledge of these services in-depth and owing to the necessity of the service understand the requirement of the clients and based on that prepare the phase one of the drawings and the designs with the assistance of CAD software.

In short, if we need to communicate and say that LOD300 service is the stage where all the drawings are getting converted from 2D drawings into 3D models by following the process of all the international codes and the required CAD software. To help the contractors to get the 360-degree view of the project its the LOD300 that is taken into consideration. With the successful delivery for over 11000+ projects, we have been the leading company across the globe.

Also, with this, we would also like to share the information that since we have our presence in 6 countries it is very easy for our clients to get in touch with us and meet face-to-face and let us know the drawings and designs in which they need the assistance for these level of developments. We are the company that is customer-centric and believes to have a long-term business relationship with our clients. Moreover, with the trust that is been built between the two, it is very easy for work hand in hand and that too with the satisfaction that the customer is demanding from us.

With this said, get in touch with us and lets’ complete the work of BIM services by selecting the best BIM Outsourcing services and that is none other than Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd. You can send us an email or call us and the team will be reverting back to you with some of the work that we have successfully completed as our project.