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The technology in this 21st century has advanced a lot. Each human being across the globe has adopted the culture of digitization and thus to complete the work it has become an easier way and option available. All the information and the data that are created are available and stored at one single place so that at any point in time if there any drawings need to be checked the same can be viewed and understood. This is therefore so related to the BIM service too. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd is one of the leading service that provides its clients LOD400 services globally.

The stage of LOD400 is termed as “Construction Stage”, and here post completion of the LOD300 stage, all the design, and the drawings are converted into virtual drawings to have a real view of the project when it gets started. We have a team of BIM modelers, engineers, drafters, architects, and others who have a piece of great knowledge and information that is admissible for the use of the successful delivery of LOD400 services. It is a fact that without following BIM services and LOD services the contractors, as well as the owner, cannot proceed further. For the success of the project, it is necessary to have a complete understanding, proper planning, discussion, and information on that project. This is because following these stages will be a result-oriented service.

Moving further, for all these it is necessary that a BIM consultant should be appointed and that is possible when you are opting for the option of BIM outsourcing services. The process here is to get the thorough information that is available in the construction drawings. Moreover, LOD400 is the service that is related to the size, shape, orientation and checking the location of the model. Thus, major of the AEC industries are outsourcing their project so that they can get a full 100% result-oriented information and delivery of the work. We with all dignity would like to communicate with you that we are the bridge between the dream of our clients and converting their dream into reality.

No matter how big or small is the size of the project, our team is at your service and with the dedicated tools and standards process that needs to be followed we ensure to deliver the project within the given time-frame so that if there are any changes required that can be done before, so as to avoid the delay in constructing the building. With this, we would also like to share that the COBie services do take place for the development and thus it should also be taken into consideration.

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is your one-stop destination that not only delivers BIM services, but also has a team of well-trained and experienced MEP engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, etc and also is well capable enough to deliver MEP service, shop drawings services, cabinet shop drawings services, HVAC services, and many more. So, with this said to know more about us and to know how we work the best way is to have a look at our portfolio or you can browse our website.

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