LOD 500 Services

As-Built Stage | Successful Completion of the Project

Level of Development or Level of detail is the important service on which from the start to the end the construction of the building is made through. In BIM services, the process of LOD plays a vital role without which the development of the building is not possible. Level of development 500 is the final stage of the building that is been constructed and thus it is termed to be the “As-Built” stage. We at Silicon engineering consultants pvt ltd, is the leading company that provides its clients accurate and 100% customer satisfied BIM services by following the stages of LOD, COBie, MEP, HVAC, and other engineering services.

Moving further, here we would be sharing the details as to understand why LOD500 is an important service and why it is termed as the crucial part in building information modeling services. The stage of LOD500 as we know is termed as “as-built” stage and along with that another name to it is also called as the process of field verified work. Till now we know that from LOD100 to LOD400, the stages seems to be easy and understandable, but the same is not with LOD500. It is because the construction of the project is been completed and now the entire handover of the project needs to be made understood to the owner as well as the facility managers.

The focus of this service is getting the models and the designs driven for the owner and by the owners. Also, the stage of the service makes us understand that the work that is getting done on the field and what are the challenges that are been faced by the contractors and the people who are working. Based on that the team assist them and make the work flow easier and simpler. This work requires highest level of information along with the geometric designs and drawings. The work flow and the completion of the work desires to have high level of processing and that is only possible when the data and the information is correctly shared with the team members of the projects. Thus, we Silicon engineering consultants pvt ltd is at your service to decrease your work load and to make sure that the work is completed as per the need and demand of our clients.

The level of the service seems is a complicated service, but with i comes a lot of misconception and misunderstandings too. Hence, to avoid all these concept the help of BIM Consultants is taken as they share the information that is viable and has perfection in it.. Hence, the level of work is termed as “As-built” as well as “Field Verified” stage. For the success of the project the basic that needs to be follwed is having proper discussion, steps to be followed, implementation process, and with all this the completion of the project becomes easier, quicker, and faster. Also, with this the delivery of the project as per the expectation of the clients and it does has a long -term durabilty as well. Thus, we need to make sure that implementation of BIM service is given the highest priority along with the LOD services.

To deliver these services in proper manner we and our engineers ensure to follow all the necessary standards, tools and software that are required and thus we are among the top recommended organization for the services of standing upto the mark and expectation of our clients when they outsource their BIM project with us. The use of the services are taken in all major big project construction such as schools, industries, hotels, hospitals, universities, institutes, and much more.

Taking it further, last but not the least, for the entire process of level of development the software used is Revit. Thus another name for this service is also termed as Revit LOD500. Thus, with this said, if you have any project and are searching for the organization who can deliver the project as per your expectation, get in touch with us. Call us or email us and we are at your service.