Structural BIM Services

BIM services is one of the most accurate as well as highly demanded service in the area of construction. Whether it is a new project or a redevelopment of any old building, the services of BIM is the must. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants provide our clients' services across the globe. No matter whether it is in the USA, UK, Australia, NZ, India, or any other part of the world we serve in all types of CAD services.

We have years of experience in providing systematic and relevant structural BIM services. That is where we are masters and also one of the renowned company by our new and existing clients'. Our focus is to approach the foundation and provide quality work that comprises in BIM models. We have delivered our services in various industries. Some of them are steel fabricators, construction companies, architectural firms, engineering firms, etc.

We Silicon Engineering Consultants work on residential, commercial, and industrial projects and structures. This is the service that is available for our clients globally. Moving further we are expertise in converting the 2D drawings into accurate structural BIM models for various types of building models. Since we know that the service needs a high-level of detailing work, therefore the team here is the team. We provide the service that is required for fabrications and on-site installations.

Furthermore, we know that once the design is been made, to know the look and feel of the entire project the design is converted to 3D models as well. This is to validate and ensure less rework if required during construction. We as a company and team believe in providing qualitative work and that too with proper planning. This does includes the execution of the delivery time of the project with the process of consistent structural BIM services.

Types of Structural BIM Services

Here are some of the services that are catered in Structural BIM and to which we are masters in it.

Apart, from these services, we do have other services as well. So, be whatever the size of the project we provide the complete Structural BIM service that is required in the project.

Why Choose US?

This is the question that does arise to each individual and company when they decide to outsource their project. So, here are the answers to all your concerns which will make you not think twice and you can easily get in touch with our team of experts.

So, with this said do not hesitate and get in touch with us and gives wings to your project. You can contact us via email, or call and discuss further every bit of your project work in detail. The team here would serve you right from the beginning till the end of the project unless your project is getting into reality from a paper drawing.