Electrical Load Calculations

Electricity plays a very important role in the design of industries, residential and commercial buildings such as skyscrapers. The term load refers to the power consumed by a circuit. It is necessary to know how much power one uses before buying components for a home power system. The technicians at Silicon Engineering are Expert in doing all kinds of load calculations be it Residential Electrical Load Calculations, Commercial Electrical Load Calculations, Electrical Energy Calculations, Electrical Design Calculations or3 Phase Power Calculations. An Electrical Load calculator is a convenient tool to determine the minimum electrical load demand for one family dwellings based on the standard calculation methods. By doing such load calculation one gets a good idea how much power your system needs to produce.

Silicon Engineering has helped tens of thousands of Electrical contractor and designers providing them with industry leading Load Calculation tools. At Silicon Engineering, the load calculations involve a systematic step wise procedure following which one can estimate the various individual energy flows and finally the total energy flow. Electrical Load calculations are required for equipment sizing from generators to switchgear to transformers and power system studies.

The primary corporate objective of Silicon Engineering is to provide highest standards of services available in Engineering Consulting Industry. Silicon Engineering caters to all your requirements related to Residential Electric Load Calculations and guarantees you the best results.

At Silicon Engineering, technicians come up with such fantastic worksheets which are the best in the market and guide you step by step through all the necessary measurements required to be filled in the sheet. The worksheets made at Silicon Engineering help to provide an accurate, consistent and simplified method of determining the minimum size electrical service for a new and existing dwelling looking to add additional electrical load. The worksheets provide economic and safety benefits. It helps to prevent over-sizing service, which costs more money and under sizing service which is a safety/ fire hazard. Silicon Engineers make use of latest technologies by taking into account specific project requirements along with compliance of all relevant international and Indian codes.

The 3 phase loads do not require the revolving magnetic field characteristics of three phase motors but take advantage of the higher voltage and power level usually associated with 3 phase distribution. Silicon Engineering is also well versed with three phase load calculations.

Silicon Engineering also offers services for Power Conversion calculations. Silicon Engineering’s expertise has designed softwares to give accurate results for power conversions. This unit conversion tool is very powerful, intuitive, easy to use utility for quick and accurate conversion between almost every possible unit of measure from one system to another.

By consulting Silicon Engineering, Load Management can be best implemented by industrial electricity users. Small and medium size companies often lack the necessary technical skills and information. Such companies can do wonders under Silicon Engineering consultancy services and expertise. Silicon Engineering assures best results when it comes to Electrical Load Calculations. For designing an Electrical power system the most important thing is to carry out the load analysis. We adopt methods which are customer friendly and more importantly practical. Silicon Engineering gives smart optimum solutions to our clientele. Contact Silicon Engineering for all your future Electrical Load Calculations.