High side and Low side in HVAC

High side and low side refer to the pressures in the two halves of the system. AC works by compressing refrigerant in the compressor (the beginning of the 'high side'), cooling in the condensor it, and then expanding it to absorb heat (where it enters the low side). Then the low-side piping takes is back to the compressor, where the cycle starts over. The high pressure side is the discharge side. It runs from the compressor outlet to the meterin device inlet. The low pressure side is the vaccum side. It runs from the metering device outlet to the compressor inlet. The high side is the rich class of people with nice jobs. The low side were tpoor and lower class jobs.

The low side of an air compressor is the side that air enters the system. Typically this occurs though a filter of some sort. You may have a broken or stuck valve in the compressor. The compressor itself may be worn out. If you replace it, dont forget to flush the system, replace the orifice tube and replace the accumulator. First things first, though. Is the clutch engaging properly?

The high side of an a/c is as follows: The compressor, the capillary( the capillary is a very narrow tube with an inside diameter about the size of a pencil point.) The cap tube is factory sweated to the return line from the evaporator to cool it down. As soon as this cap tube reaches the coil of the