Project Monitoring Controlling
Project Monitoring1

Silicon Engineering provides services in Project Monitoring and Controlling which deals with taking care of everything related to tracking the progress of the client’s project, comparing the final results of the project with the predicted result, analyzing the variations in the project and the corresponding impacts and making suitable adjustments. Project monitoring and control in fact, is a part of project management, wherein Silicon Engineering comes into play excellently.

Under Project Monitoring and Controlling, Silicon Engineering gives guaranteed project management certification. Silicon Engineering is also involved with project execution management, wherein the engineers direct and manage all the tasks under execution in construction, guaranteeing completion of the project in the time allotted. The Silicon Engineers involved with Project monitoring and controlling also look into monitoring and controlling emissions from building materials and take care that the construction is energy efficient and costs are economical.

  • Construction project monitoring and control.
  • Scheduling and monitoring of execution.
  • Project progress analysis.
  • Project cost monitoring and control.
  • Project planning and execution management.
  • Project management certification.

Silicon Engineering provides adequate resources for performing the tasks planned out in the project monitoring and controlling process. Monitoring the risks in a project and reviewing the accomplishments in a project is what silicon engineering handles. Analyzing the issues to be dealt with and taking corrective measures of addressing them is a part of project monitoring and control which is taken care of by Silicon Engineering.

Silicon Engineers keep a complete understanding of the activities in a project, which is crucial in controlling a project. How the activities interrelate, how much each activity should cost and how long each activity should take to complete, the knowledge of all these is needed in project monitoring and control. Silicon Engineers render services to a project and take it to successful completion well within time, within cost and at the desired performance level, and at the same time, using all resources efficiently and effectively.

For construction projects, the current organizational structures are not able to accommodate the wide range of interrelated tasks necessary for successful completion of a project, in which case Silicon Engineering should be approached, as the only solution for this problem is efficient project management, which Silicon Engineering does offer to its clients. Silicon Engineering also offers excellent services in project monitoring and control. The project right from its initiation to its closeout requires to be constantly monitored, for its successful completion. Throughout the life of a project, there is a need to understand every component of a project and also to know whether the individual activities are under control. Project monitoring and controlling process occurs side by side with the execution process, in order to make sure that the progress is according to the project plan. Silicon engineering is very experienced in this area.

Project Monitoring2

All projects need to have a project monitoring and control team integrated with the project in order to ensure that all activities in a project are under adequate supervision at all times. Silicon Engineering gives its clients a highly reliable Project Monitoring and Controlling team. Corrective actions need to be taken during execution, by the Project Monitoring and Control team whenever required. Such difficult decisions need to be taken by an experienced team, and where better can you find a team good enough than Silicon Engineering.

Project monitoring and control involves monitoring of project work, schedules, budgets and risks. Silicon Engineers are experts when it comes to applying innovative project management techniques and efficiently controlling and using existing resources. Silicon Engineers are the best when it comes to project monitoring and control for all types of construction projects.

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