Shop Drawings

This is the initial stage where the process of designing and drafting of the project is getting started. Silicon engineering consultants provide you with “Architectural Shop Drawings” services that are required in general. Here in this stage, we provide you with the documentation of the complete project which includes the design and draftings. In other words, you can say that it is a bridge between the building design and the physical buildings.

Since it is the stage where the complete requirement is related to construction, therefore the level of development here used will be LOD 400. Here the method is all about preparing the model as per the particulars and gathering the exact amount of materials, size, shape, and area. Also, in this, the introduction of complete fabrication, assembly and detailing information is also been known in it. Therefore, LOD 400 is been used in architectural shop drawings.

Furthermore, in the architectural shop drawings with LOD400 speaks for coordination and fabrication purposes. Siliconec is your one-stop solution for all your need and demand for architectural services. The team here holds extensive knowledge for this service and are well- efficient enough to understand what is that the client is demanding from them for their project. The architects here provide you with architectural drafting services, architectural detailing services and residential drafting services. So, no matter whatever is the size of the project, it is big or small architectural shop drawing is a must-have service. Hence, make sure you proceed further with every stage of the service to have a successful and long-term strength for the constructing building, and plots.

Offerings and List of Services Offered By Us

Taking it further, each one of us wants to know what are the services that are been covered up in the architectural shop drawings. Therefore, here we share with you the list in which we Silicon Engineering Consultants are masters and have a piece of extensive knowledge as well as dedicated team for it. When it comes to the start-up of the project we make sure that the detailing services are provided in it. Thus it will be including 2D drafting and 3D CAD drafting services.

Moving further here are the stages of designs which we cover and again this is also known to be an important aspect of the services.

Softwares Used by Silicon Engineering Consultants

Now comes the information in which we would like to let you know the software that are been used by us for the successful design and drafting of the designs and drawings. Without this software, it becomes difficult to have a 360-degree view of the designs that are been drawn by the architects and designers.

So what is that you are waiting for? Want to get the quotes then get in touch with us. Contact us as Siliconec is at your service to add wings to your project by giving you the best Architectural Shop Drawings Services.