How MEP BIM Can Be Super Beneficial to MEP Contractors?

The modern and the latest services of MEP BIM services have advanced to a great extent. Since the inception of the service, the tables have turned and there is a new sunrise in the field of construction. No matter whatever istage the construction work is going on, with proper integration of MEP BIM Services the work is worth and is of much accuracy and precision so as to ensure a seamless construction process.

The work that BIM outsourcing company delivers to the clients is also data-driven and data-rich that has detailed 3D MEP BIM models and 2D drafts. This set of information empowers the team of stakeholders who are part of the project from its start to the end. With the integration of software like Autodesk Revit, the MEP 3D models and MEP coordination drawings that are developed help the engineers and architects to prepare further roadmap that has proper planning and steps that are required to work on the design effectively and efficiently.

The construction project is successfully completed only when there is proper planning made to it. Silicon Engineering Consultants pvt. ltd. is the leading BIM service provider that uses software and international standards that are defined to work on MEP BIM projects. Having experience for over 13 years we know the need and requirement of the clients and based on the existing demand we always ensure to deliver the work that is adhering to all the necessary software and tools that are required for the successful completion of MEP BIM projects.

The complete process of the work here includes different types of drawings and that is from 2D installation drawings to the construction drawings at the construction site and quantity takeoffs with cost estimation are also one of the important aspects that is being offered in MEP BIM in the construction projects.

Six Vital Processes Playing Important Role in MEP BIM Process

Below mentioned is the list of 6 processes that play an important role in the overall process of MEP BIM services, and rather the team make sure that they deliver the project with the details that has the set information as stated below.

MEP BIM Integration makes the design process faster.

Among the engineering design teams, there is a need and requirement for multiple layouts and with that it requires a high degree of coordination and planning. The work of outsourcing MEP BIM work is the key challenge that supports in overlapping the locations for equipment and its belonging. Based on the current need and demand for the project the team makes sure to work accordingly and therefore to speed up the work and get 100% results the best option available is selecting the right MEP BIM service provider.

It is a fact that with the acceptance of BIM services, there is a speed in the overall design process, and with this there is a reduction in the amount of the time required for reviewing the design. Moreover, it is that the BIM software is way much capable of making the required calculations on its own with regards to the list of the materials, requirement of the resources, and other parts that are required in the project. This process in all saves valuable time and man-hours. Also, with this the team of engineering will be focussing more on the designing part to get the best solutions without having additional time invested for repetitive tasks and work that is tedious.

Consider Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd, as your BIM outsourcing service providers whose involvement is required in the process so as to get the approval from the department of buildings. Since the project needs approval and if doing it individually the work would be time-consuming, but thanks to the software of BIM services and its approaches the work actually gets speeden up and also it has the capacity to detect design errors immediately.

MEP BIM Reduces Changed Order During the Construction Process

The changes that are occuring are one of the main causes due to which the cost of the project gets increased and this can also be the reason for meeting the deadlines of the projects, and delaying building commissioning. Moving further, with the use as well as integration of BIM for MEP engineering services, the biggest help is that all the changes that have occured have been checked by its own and that is at the design phase only.

Further, when these modifications are done, this is then carried out on a digital platform and not at all at the construction site. Also, the work of editing is considerably a viable option and cheaper than dismounting and reassembling actual installations, the process of design edition and this all only at the cost of engineering time, and also with that it has the material and labor cost too attached to it.


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