Implementation of Shop Drawings into MEP BIM Services

We are heading towards an era full of advanced technology. It has become more important to get used to the current technology and be ready for the changes which will occur in near future. This same thing is with the Construction Industry. No one would have thought that we would get quick, precise and sophisticated outcomes which otherwise took very long time. Thanks to all the latest tools and softwares like Revit, AutoCad, Navisworks and many more which have made our tasks easier, hassle free with almost zero chances of errors.

Considering all these advantages of the latest softwares,today, in this blog, we will discuss the implementation of Shop Drawings into MEP BIM Services and how it helps the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

If we have to execute a task, be it any, we need a plan of action for it. In the same way, Shop Drawings are the plan of action or say a blueprint of the building. It shows how exactly the construction work has to be executed. It is drawn by the Contractors, Drafters, Detailers and Manufacturers once they get the initial drawings from the Architects. Then, all the data of those shop drawings is being fetched in the BIM Model of the project. There are many aspects to Building Information Modelling and MEP is one of them. It plays a vital role for any type of building as it is considered as a basic part of the whole infrastructure.It gives early insights of all the MEP Components involved in the process. By doing this, the major problems of MEP Engineers get solved at the initial stage. Thus resources like time, cost and man hours are reduced upto some extent.

Let’s focus on one unique aspect of MEP BIM Service. Professionals and experts like Architects, Engineers, Drafters can visualize the complex geometrical figures and models before starting the construction process. It boosts the confidence of the workers as they know what exactly they are going to do next.

Taking this further, if one has to install the Electrical components and wires in a building, the Electrical Engineers would make sure that the Mechanical and Plumbing work doesn’t get affected by it. The same goes for the Mechanical and Plumbing Department. When the Plumbing Engineers will plan all the ducts, pipes, water connection, drainage system and all the plumbing work, they must work in harmony and according to the other departments.

BIM Clash Detection plays a vital role for any BIM Project. Because if any clash or error occurs, it would cost a lot to the company, manufacturers and contractors as well. Chances are that they will have to start again from the beginning. But in MEP BIM Services this will not happen due to its accuracy levels and sophisticated process.

Any changes made in the shop drawings during the construction part of the project, are shown in the BIM Model at the same time. Hence it gives real time data and solutions for the errors. This makes the coordination smooth and easy between all the departments involved in the MEP BIM Project.

As stated earlier, all the data of the shop drawings for MEP BIM Services is stored in various softwares, it also helps in data maintenance. The MEP BIM Model stores all the necessary data like manufacturer’s details, workforce details, different types of costs involved in the project and much more.

MEP BIM Services are also useful for the documentation process. The MEP BIM Model is very useful for the documentation part of the BIM Project. Documents like the Bidding price of the project, all the quotations of different models and buildings, all the labour and material costs etc. are stored and can be updated when needed. Hence There are many aspects to Building Information Modelling and MEP is one of them. It plays a vital role for any type of building as it is considered as a basic part of the whole makes the documentation handling process smooth enough for the contractors and manufacturers so that they can perform hassle free tasks for the whole construction process.

Final Word :

By reading this blog, now you might have understood how the shop drawings are used for the MEP BIM Services. It has benefited the construction industry immensely by offering its unique features and advantages. This makes the adaptation of this service very crucial in the AEC Industry.

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