CAD tO BIM Conversion Services

Silicon Engineering Consultants provide CAD to BIM services. CAD to BIM conversion helps to transform 2D drawings into 3D models. The transition process will enhance the space visualization and improve the quality of the construction work. CAD to BIM services have made learning about complex architectural plans easier and decreased the possibility of human error. BIM provides the AEC industry with a quality and inclusive design approach.

Our BIM Conversion Services Include

CAD to BIM services eliminate the time-consuming process of redrafting and take a step forward by creating 3D models including all the architectural elements. The 3D modeling helps all the stakeholders improve communication to collaborate and control all aspects of the building workflow by detecting errors and clashes during the visual representation stage.

Outsourcing CAD to BIM services with Silicon Engineering Consultants offers error-free and reliable design and model as per project requirements.

Phases of Conversion from AutoCAD to BIM :

  • Review and scrutinize the CAD drawing.
  • Import the AutoCAD file into BIM-enabled software such as Revit to convert DWG to BIM.
  • After the Building Information model is developed, is thoroughly examined for errors.
  • If errors come to light, they are corrected before the client is given the final model.

We specialize in converting blueprints, PDFs, and architectural drawings into 3D building models using our CAD to BIM services. Our services include reconstructing buildings, creating lifecycle models, and adhering to LOD standards and specifications.CAD and BIM services are useful for improvement and the shift from CAD to BIM services.

Work Samples

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During the design stage, BIM models are developed including

  • Plans, elevation, and section in the context of the entire building infrastructure
  • Different viewpoints, axonometrics, and isometric measurements in three dimensions.
  • Floor plans, building cross-section, and measurements overall
  • Interior wall and exterior elevations

We are skilled in creating outstanding BIM models owing to our expertise in the engineering sector. Our construction document includes a detailed collection of plans, notes, technical specifications, and blueprints according to the necessary building regulations, standards, and guidelines required for submitting proposals and construction.

Construction document using Revit BIM model including :

  • 4D and 5D BIM model
  • Structural, MEPF, HVAC - BIM models
  • Detailed data analysis including information about every component included in the 3D Revit model.
  • Techniques to avoid clashes, which help to minimize the need for site rework by resolving component location conflicts during the design phase.
  • Ease of Revision and Collaboration - for improved communication Requests for information (RFIs) from contractors are recorded inside the Revit model.

Our team helps architects, contractors, developers, and engineers digitize and develop BIM models following the standards specific to their location. Get in touch with us for your next BIM conversion requirements.