Mechanical BIM Services

Outsource Building Information Modeling Services

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd is known as one of the leading and expert providers of mechanical BIM services in India and worldwide. The service offered by us tends to play an important role in the field of BIM services along with other sets of services too. These services include

mechanical BIM modeling, MEP coordination services, MEP Revit family creation, construction simulation, and cost estimation of materials related to the MEP domain.

All these designs and drawings are being created with the help of a wide range of inputs that make this an extraordinary model. Moreover for creating these models, there are certain processes that need to be followed and this includes specification sheets, contract documents, equipment submittals, and design documents.

While considering the modeling work our team makes sure that the data validation along with design validation is done so as to ensure performance, constructability, and maintenance. Our assistance to the clients is not limited only to producing construction documents for new buildings, rather we assist and guide to submit the documents for any existing buildings and also for the building project that is going for redevelopment. We make sure that the proper and accurate project schedule is being generated and submitted to the clients and also with that, there is the execution of the MEP coordination of project designs with other disciplines.

It is very much necessary that when we are selected as a BIM outsourcing company by our clients, our core responsibility is to follow all the necessary and mandatory BIM processes that make the process completing the project at a higher pace. It is also that we are bound and committed to adhering to required local building mechanical codes that are required and applied for the respective project.

Once the initial stage of the work is completed, it is necessary that the final model is submitted post rectifying all the clashes so as to avoid any errors as well as a delay at the time of actual construction taking place. This, while selecting us as the provider for BIM projects, we provide full-fledged services that include Mechanical Building Model, Mechanical Building Information Modeling, BIM Drafting, BIM Engineering, Mechanical Revit Services, etc.

Once the basic work is completed our team extracts the final shop drawings of the model so as to proceed further for the purpose of installation. This process further requires to undergo spool drawings which is a part of pre-fabrication work and also for multiple other drawings which are taken into consideration for the purpose of field automation and that is with the assistance of GPS equipment.

With experience for over 12+ years, we understand the concept and importance of BIM services and this is why we are the first and leading BIM outsourcing company for our clients globally who persuade to provide in-depth and detailed solutions for BIM models and its work to the clients regardless of the location they are residing.

Our services are not related or restricted to work on any defined or specific platform. It is because we have access to use major of all the important software and tools that are required to get these technical work completed hassle-free and error-free. Some of the most common software used is Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP, and Point cloud, BIM 360 Glue, and A-360 Collaboration.

So, to connect with us or to get free quotes for the project, share with us the sample or file and the team will get back to you with the proper quotations and that too at the best competitive price. Feel free to connect with over a phone call, or via email, or via an email.