Construction Documentation Services

Construction documentation provides information about the sequence of steps of the construction procedure. It helps builders, contractors, engineers, and other stakeholders communicate with manufacturers and suppliers about the design specifications and any modifications to the original plan.

For over a decade, Silicon Engineering Consultants has been offering detailed construction documentation services to our clients. Our services are designed to provide detailed and accurate information to our clients, helping them to make informed decisions about their construction projects.

Why Outsource Silicon Engineering Consultants For Construction Documentation Services?

  • Constructing a building is not easy. It involves various professionals, including designers, builders, architects, contractors, and engineers, and multiple systematically coordinated tasks. That’s why construction documentation services are important to have an error-free workflow during all stages of construction.
  • We assure a shorter turnaround time for the process.
  • We deliver customizable and adaptable solutions for each requirement.
  • Our construction documentation service improves communication and deals with disputes.
  • Our company has expertise in delivering construction documentation for both small-scale and huge building projects.

Our Construction Documentation services include

Structural Construction Documentation

Structural Construction drawings and documentation are an important part of our construction documentation services. It shows each beam's location, size, spacing, columns, and material specifications of reinforced concrete, precast steel, and other structural materials.

Structural Construction Documentation Consists

  • Overall beam and column layout
  • Structural roof and slab layout
  • Structural Foundation and Framing Plan
  • Structural Foundation Details

Architectural Construction Documentation

We deliver architectural Architectural Construction Documentation: We deliver architectural documentation for floor plans, site drawings, and concept design drawings as per clients’ requirements. Architectural Construction Documents are of great help in visualizing an accurate portrayal of the entire building, including the construction techniques and materials used.

We create Architectural Construction Documentation illustrating every technical aspect of :

  • Architectural Site and Floor Plan
  • Architectural details and door and window schedule sheets
  • Building and wall section documentation
  • Roof Plan, Landscape documentation
  • Interior Elevation
  • Architecture general notes

MEP Construction Documentation

Our exceptionally tailored MEP construction drawings indicate the location and identify and evaluate the set-up details of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) aspects at every step of the project. It includes all details of equipment, connectors, and fixtures.

Our MEP construction documentation includes details of

  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Mechanical and Plumbing material or machinery
  • Electrical fittings, wiring, and connectors
  • Heating and ventilation appliances and equipment

Construction site Photo and Video Documentation

Construction site photo and video documentation services include full-service site photography and high-resolution site-specific requirements. We execute it according to the project plan, by date or by location as requested, to help the project supervisor, building manager, and maintenance team enhance the project quality and project speed throughout the construction period.

Our Services Include

  • In-depth site videos
  • High-resolution imagery of the construction site
  • Accurate-built photo documentation
  • Progress Photo Documentation of the Construction Site

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