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Silicon Engineering Consultants

Silicon Engineering Consultants is one of the most trusted and pioneered companies providing you with full fledged CAD services. We have a team of experts who are well trained and expertise in their field of work. It would not be wrong in saying that because of this team and their experience we have designed many projects and win the heart of our clients along with nurturing long term business goals and relationship.

Silicon Engineering Consultants specializes in and deliver services in Engineering and construction phase like Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing/Piping, Civil, Building Information Modeling and Project Management. We make sure that every client who is associated with us gets the complete service that is right for the project. Providing accurate and qualitative work is what makes the business and the relationship grow between the company, clients, and engineers. Siliconec is driven by world-class technology that saves lots of costs and helping us to deliver exactly what our client needs.

Moving further, we would like to let you know that we provide CAD services across the globe. No matter if you are residing in whichever part of the world, you can get in touch with just very easily and comfortably. Our global presence is in the USA, UK, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, and India. So whether you want your project designed or want to outsource your work, your one stop solution for all your queries is none other than we i.e “Silicon Engineering Consultants”.

Services Offered by Silicon Engineering Consultants

Siliconec offers you a variety of services that are predefined and a must have services. Below mentioned are the list which you can check for and based on your requirement of the work you may contact us.

Structural Engineering

Siliconec is your one stop destination and service provider to provide its clients complete services that is related to structural engineering. We have a dedicated team available inhouse who takes in-depth knowledge of project which the client needs to get it designed. Therefore, below are the services that are being offered in this structural engineering.

Architectural Planning

This is a service where the engineers prepare a plan based on the discussion with the client. The work of architect starts here and they are the one who plan and set the priority of the work. With this said below is the list of the in which we are specialized

Civil Engineering

We have a vast range of civil engineering services that are very much needed at the time of construction of buildings, plots and areas. We cater the complete services that are involved in it and below is the list for the same.

HVAC Engineering

Silicon Engineering consultant assists you in providing HVAC services. The team here is at your service who works very closely with the clients and make sure that their project is having a great outcome.Below is the list of the services that is a part of HVAC.


Electrical services plays a vital role. For every project the engineer here has to work in detail and based on the clients requirement and project design they start the process of electrical work as to where and in what quantity it will be used and implemented.


Silicon Engineering Consultants work out plans and designs that serve the proper planning of water and waste water management in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings. We do offer services like:

Estimation and Tendering

We strive in this cutting edge competition with our vision to deliver best and unbeatable solutions in Estimation and Tendering with accurate calculations to help worldwide clients to get the proper estimation before construction and bidding the tender projects.

Urban Planning

Silicon Engineering Consultants drive the place with the communities that live in Urban Societies. We make the Earth a place for them with all the utility and amenities services that they need now and then.

Why Choose Silicon Engineering Consultants

This is the question which always arises whenever there is a project that has been any project that is getting outsourced. We as Silicon Engineering Consultants provides you in detail to let you understand why you should choose us as your project designing partners.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

From where the process of initial work starts?

The initial work starts from drawings, sketch drawings, or reference drawings and even from local libraries too.

Which are the software that is been used?

We used AutoCAD, Tesla, Autodesk Revit and ZWCAD software for successful implementation of projects.

Which standards of drawings do you follow?

We follow the defined process of AIA guidelines which is the default standards.

How to get in touch with your team?

You can contact us via call, email or even for discussion you can have a visit at our office as well. Moreover, the best way is to communicate via email.

What is the average delivery time for the project?

The delivery time of the project cannot be predefined. Based on the size of the project and the requirement of the clients we can update you the delivery time for your project.

Do you check the drawings? For example - spell check and all?

Yes, we do follow this process and maintain qualitative work no matter what text or information it does have. However, if the project details is other than English language we will require interpretation as per architectural terminology.

With this said, here are the details as to why you should choose us as your project partner and how beneficial it will be for you and your project. So, why stop yourself. Simply get in touch with is and we would be happy and delighted to serve you at our best.