Point Cloud Modeling

Silicon Engineering Consultants provides one of the best Point Cloud modeling services globally. The collection of data points in a 3D coordinate system in which the exterior of the structure or object is represented is called a Point Cloud. Point cloud data is measured using 3D scanners before being converted into parametric REVIT models. Our company has delivered Point Cloud Services for years to meet all your survey needs with the help of building information modeling (BIM) and LIDAR scanning.

With years of experience and skills, extracting 2D plans, sections, and elevations from 3D Point Cloud data becomes easier. Using BIM and other latest scanning technology reduces the chances of making blunders, failures, and discrepancies in exhibiting the walls, flooring, pipelines and surrounding geographical features of the building.

Outsourcing Point Cloud services with us for

  • A diverse range of Scan to BIM services for capturing ground reality.
  • We use the Revit families provided by the client and customize them to meet their particular requests.
  • Point Cloud Creation
  • An accurate and easy surveying process to convert laser scan point cloud data into BIM models. It helps with facility management and digital maintenance management systems.
  • For quality control, animation, rendering, or manufacturing parts, we provide 2D as-built graphical information and a 3D digital model. The model has required LODs up to 500 LOD.

Why choose Silicon Engineering Consultants for BIM and CAD Services?

  • Silicon Engineering Consultants has a team of experienced engineers and BIM architects to work on Point cloud-to-BIM services and Scan to 3D Modeling for your next project.
  • Our Point Cloud to BIM Modeling services include 3D as-built BIM models and drawings of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. It provides details of up to 500 LODs of architectural, structural, HVAC, and MEP elements of a structure.
  • We have access to the updated version of Revit software to create precise BIM models for reconstruction, renovation, and refurbishment projects.

Work Samples

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