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Silicon Engineering Consultants offers first-rate services in Residential Planning and Design and Home designs as per the requirements of clients. Green Building Planning comes mandatory with our services for residential planning because of the sensitivity of Silicon Engineering Consultants towards the environment. Residential Planning and Design involves a lot of thought into the needs and necessities of the clients and their preferences, which our professionals give utmost importance to. We believe in involving the client in planning and designing his dream home and make the process enjoyable too!

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Residential Planning and Design in the present scenario finds the need to adopt energy efficient solutions and sensitivity towards Green Building Planning which Silicon Engineering Consultants are extremely cautious about. Making the best possible use of available resources and keeping in mind the safety of our future, our professionals make sure that Home designs incorporate sustainable and Green Building Planning.

Silicon Engineering Consultants have immense expertise when it comes to communicating their designs to the clients in a very understandable manner because of their fineness in drafting and modeling. We offer only the best in developing residential plans along with detailed furniture layouts and the most aesthetic and appealing interior planning for our clients, and all this is offered in the most reasonable rates with the best possible results.

Silicon Engineering Consultants deal with all kinds of structural framework when it comes to Residential Planning and Design and Home designs including RCC and residential metal building plans. In all types of Residential Planning and Design, we don’t compromise on Green Building Planning, and make it a point to achieve all the points under LEED and GRIHA ratings that pertain to energy efficient Green Building Planning.

In Silicon Engineering Consultants’ genre of Residential planning, lies additions to homes as well, in which our professionals not only construct the additions, but also design them according to the client’s needs, envisioning the client’s future and giving the highest attention to details and workmanship. Additions in Home designs is something that is constantly in demand, and in order to receive maximum possible variations in additions, Silicon Engineering Consultants should be approached because our team has the most experienced personnel who can crack any residential planning and addition projects with the best solutions!

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Silicon Engineering Consultants strive to add value to the clients’ property assets and ensure that the projects are financially viable with the best possible end result. Our professionals have delivered high end services in Residential Planning and Design in locations across the world and have enormous experience and the best technical skill and assure full client satisfaction.

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