Silicon Engineering AutoCAD

Today the production of drawings and 3D views of any project seems quite unthinkable without the software Autocad. From the initial simple drafting tool that it was thought to be; to the complex 3D generating software, with a whole lot of commands that it has now become; it has been quite a journey for people learning, following and using this software named Autocad at Silicon Engineering. Every version of Autocad comes up with something that attempts to make the software, easier to use and more drafter friendly. Autocad is thought synonymous to drafting in every office related to the construction industry. Silicon Engineering completely understands the importance of Autocad in today’s world and hence the faculty at Silicon Engineering are well versed with Autocad and all its application be it 2D drafting or 3D views.

Autocad in the architectural field gets utilized by Silicon Engineering quite efficiently. Silicon Engineering provides its clients with a whole range of services when it comes to drafting and 3D modeling in Autocad for mainly

Silicon Engineering also excels itself in providing Autocad services in conceptual level schematic plans, sections, elevations complete with hatching and color coding at the beginning of a project to convince and give a general idea of the project to clients and patrons. Silicon Engineering provides Autocad services when it comes to working drawings of a project such as the line out plan, site layout, centre line plans, floor plans, section, elevations complete with line gradations, levels and tagging. Silicon Engineering also provides its clients Autocad drawings of detailed drawings of toilets, internal finishes, ceiling layouts, joinery details, roof details, gutter details, wall sections, sill detail, door jamb detail, etc. In 3D modeling, Autocad is used at Silicon Engineering to produce rendered views of residential villas, residential apartment blocks, both interior and exterior modeling, complete with lighting and shadows. The same goes for commercial projects such as malls, multiplexes, departmental stores, shopping complexes, hospitals, school buildings, college campuses, office blocks, factory sheds, etc.

Autocad for Structural Engineering is used at Silicon Engineering for an equally diverse variety of purposes. In case of reinforced concrete (R.C.C.) structures Silicon Engineering with the aid of Autocad provides foundation layouts with details of pile foundation, raft foundation, trapezoidal footing, column layouts, beam and slab layouts complete with beam and slab schedules that mention reinforcement details, tie beam layouts, rebar detailing, staircase detailing, etc. Autocad also helps Silicon Engineering in producing shop drawings and fabrication drawings of various steel and wooden structures, roof truss layout, joinery details of truss members, etc.

Autocad MEP (Autocad which caters to the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing fields of construction) is used by Silicon Engineering to the hilt when it comes to providing services to its clients. In mechanical engineering Silicon Engineering harnesses Autocad MEP to make 2D shop drawings of mechanical components and 3D models of machinery or parts of machinery. In the electrical field, Autocad helps Silicon Engineering to make electrical layouts of lighting, network diagrams, earthing and electric supply, electric distribution, etc. Plumbing services are provided by Silicon Engineering using Autocad to draft out water supply layout, drainage layout, surface water drainage layout, calculated inverted levels, details drawings of manholes, septic tank, soak pit, bore well, etc.

Come to Silicon Engineering when you have work to be done in Autocad. Silicon Engineering can rightfully boast of the expertise it possesses in Autocad; thanks to the knowledgeable technicians that work on your project. Contact Silicon Engineering today and let us help you out with all your Autocad related work. It is guaranteed that your work will be done with accuracy and precision and delivered on time.