Silicon Engineering Revit

Revit is the new mantra of the construction industry today and Silicon Engineering understands this. For this precise reason, Silicon Engineering has trained and employed technicians who are well versed with Revit Architecture, Revit Structure for and Revit MEP. A product of the Autodesk brand itself; Silicon Engineering is well aware of the fact that Revit helps the fields of architecture, structure, mechanical engineering, electrical and plumbing fields as well. Revit helps Silicon Engineering in performing the much heard of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tasks which help tremendously in detecting clashes before the actual project gets constructed.

For instance if the air conditioning ductwork has been designed at a certain level above the false ceiling in Revit MEP and the electrical wiring is also to be carried across the building through the false ceiling also designed in Revit MEP, there is a very high probability of the electrical conduits overlapping with the air conditioning ductwork. Silicon Engineering has gauged why this error is generated. It is because the designers make layouts while working on 2D plans where the levels might just be wrongly written without taking into consideration what will actually happen on site. Hence a 3D model that combines all the services of the building such as in Revit is of great help because it helps to reduce the redundancy of any project and makes it more foolproof. Also, Silicon Engineering has realized that Revit has the amazing ability to detect such clashes between the various services.

There are many advantages of using this Building Information Modeling tool named Revit and Silicon Engineering harnesses Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP to product the very best output. Revit is used at Silicon Engineering as a very wholesome tool that can cater to almost all needs of a client be it 2D drawings, 3D rendered models or schedules and quantity tables. Shop drawings can also easily made of structural details as well as machinery or parts of it using Revit at Silicon Engineering. Revit is also used at Silicon Engineering as a construction modeling tool friendly to the producer of drawings and models. In Revit, a minor change to be made in the 3D model would reflect in the generated 2D drawings as well, with a minimum amount of effort and Silicon Engineering utilizes this phenomenon to its benefit. Hence while using Revit there is more scope of making changes in the design of a project and minimum time is spent making those changes at Silicon Engineering. Revit technicians at Silicon Engineering thus give their clients a very flexible and resilient design which is open to betterment and improvement.

Revit Architecture simplifies the work of technicians at Silicon Engineering by generating the following automatically after the necessary information is fed in:

Any change that is made to the design and hence to the 3D model in Revit can be easily reflected in the above mentioned schedules at Silicon Engineering, thanks to the Revit software. Revit thus helps the estimators at Silicon Engineering to generate approximate rates for the project without too much of a hassle and in less amount of time. Gone are the days when 3D views had to be generated separately. With Revit in personal computers and work stations at Silicon Engineering; rendered realistic 3D views can be generated with ease and accuracy.

Do not think twice; place your trust with Silicon Engineering when it comes to Revit related tasks and assignments and Silicon Engineering assures you that you will receive perfect and timely outputs for your Revit related jobs.