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Steel has been used as a building material in the construction industry for over centuries now and Silicon Engineering is well aware of this. History has borne witness to some of the most exquisite prefabricated steel structures; be it bridges, railway stations, factories or even commercial buildings. One can also say that using steel as a building material enabled the prefabrication of structures and this brought about the spread of industrialization. In today’s world steel is used by Silicon Engineering to build industrial sheds and high rise buildings. To execute such projects, accurate and detailed drawings along with a comprehensive 3D model of the steel design become a necessity for Silicon Engineering. TEKLA Structures steel detailing is made keeping in mind steel structures and hence is well developed when it comes to applications needed for steel structures and Silicon Engineering makes good use of TEKLA Structures to satisfy its customers’ needs.

Silicon Engineering makes use of Tekla Structures to provide clients with such demands in steel. Tekla Structures is an amazing software used by Silicon Engineering to meet all sorts of needs of the clients right from conceptual level steel models to final erection drawings, detailed shop drawings complete with all dimensions and details, fabrication drawings, etc. TEKLA Structures can be used to serve projects in many materials such as pre cast concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, etc. Silicon Engineering makes use of TEKLA Structures to give their clients a wholesome package of drawings, models and project management information such as erection, fabrication drawings, shop drawings, etc.

This Building Information Modeling (BIM) software named Tekla Structures helps Silicon Engineering all through the course of a project. Tekla Structures is used at Silicon Engineering for the overall project management of steel structures apart from generating 3D models and 2D shop drawings, erection drawings, fabrication drawings, etc. The entire quantities of a particular steel project complete with their dimensions, their running lengths, their weight in steel and hence their rates may be derived using TEKLA Structures at Silicon Engineering.

Some minor modifications or changes for the betterment of a project, maybe easily done at Silicon Engineering using TEKLA Structures. Any additions or subtractions from the overall 3D Model may be changed quite efficiently and from time to time depending on the changing requirements of the client, the site and the market availability using TEKLA Structures at Silicon Engineering. TEKLA Structures being a Building Information Modeling tool helps Silicon Engineering determine the possible clashes and errors that may arise due to the overlapping of the services provided in a building. TEKLA Structures also helps Silicon Engineering to provide to its clients detailed information in terms of dimensions, schedules, rates and drawings of washers, nuts, bolts, base plates, gussets, castellated beams and girders, built up sections, etc. This software named TEKLA Structures, formerly known as TEKLA XSteel is a boon to Silicon Engineering and its customers for it allows Silicon Engineering to provide the best and the most accurate services in minimum amount of time. TEKLA Structures is considered as a time cruncher in today’s construction industry and Silicon Engineering well realizes this fact. Silicon Engineering helps give its clients detailed information of their factories, institutional buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, etc. using TEKLA Structures.

Silicon Engineering is sure of providing its clients with timely outputs using Tekla Structures. Silicon Engineering is proud of announcing its diversity of clientele when it comes to providing services in Tekla Structures. Silicon Engineering provides its Tekla Structures services not just within the country but also overseas. Let Silicon Engineering be an aid to your steel detailing related assignments. Silicon Engineering can assure you that with its expert technicians and Tekla Structures experts, Silicon Engineering will only be providing you with the best of its services.