"Lachlan Line’s bridge" Very easy to pronounce yet very hard to build.

It is a proud moment for Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd to be a part of such a prestigious award, where the engineers of the company are being rewarded for their hard work and efforts. The nominations as well as being the winner of the award was for the project Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian Bridge, Sydney- Australia.

The award-winning moment and its appreciation were given by the Australian Steel Institute to us, and this indeed turned out to be a happy moment for each engineer and the organization too. The work that was submitted by us in the project was for providing assistance in structural steel detailing services. Moreover, the detailing services delivered were from the start of the project to its end. Also, the core assistance was in building up the design and drawing for the most-awaited project that was announced by the Australian Government and Landcom Company. Indeed the name for the project is Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian Bridge, Sydney- Australia.

The Award and its Certification title are “2020 NSW and Act Steel Excellence Awards” and winner of Engineering Projects.

About Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd. is recognized as the leading steel detailing services provider across the globe. With having experience for over 13 years the company is well-equipped and well-versed with the use of all the latest tools, technology, and software that are required for any type of engineering services, CAD services, Detailing Services, and a lot more.

It is that because of the experience we hold and 100% success ratio in the delivery of the project, we are the no #1 trusted and most recommended engineering outsourcing consultant who understands the needs and requirements of the clients and suggest them with the best possible outcome along with the competitive rates.

The company is having a team of more than 150+ staff who are qualified, capable, and well-furnished in their area of work. The organization has a team of leading engineers, designers, drafters, and modelers who provide end-to-end solutions, as well as information that is best suited for their project and also that, is data-driven and result-oriented that is as per their expectations and needs.

Taking it further, today we are here to discuss with you the challenges and difficulties that the team of steel detailers and engineers faced while putting their efforts into creating the design of the said project “Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian Bridge, Sydney- Australia”.

Challenges faced in understanding the entire structural design and its layout.

Helix, Deck, Pier, and abutments are the four parts that define the Bridge.

The project Lachlan Line’s Bridge is having a length of 172mtr so we divided the Bridge into four parts for the helix and 7 parts for the deck for ease of installation and transportation.

The image shared below is showing the parts in which the team of steel detailers and the engineers had worked so as to understand the overall process and take it further with the work.

Let's see each one from the perspective of a detailer.

Helix :

Helix is the outer frame of our bridge and also the main center of attraction of the bridge.

The construction of the helix part of the bridge was done in four engineered lifts/segments. Helix was a spiral outer structure that consists of parts like nodes, chords, and diagonal chords.

As all attractive things have some well-finished complexions, Helix has also so many.

Deck :

Case Study of the Project :

Another important aspect of the entire service that needs to be shared. In short, we can say that this is a small case study of the entire project to deliver the information at one single go.

Conclusion :

The article shared clearly shows up the challenges that were being faced by the engineers and the steel detailers to understand the entire concept of the project. But as there is a saying unless you accept any challenge how can you know what is the capability you hold with you. The same was with us and our engineers too.

It is that because of all the hard work, and the capabilities on which our company and engineers were tested were all successful and this is why we were being recognized, appreciated, and awarded for the project that indeed made us realize our capabilities beyond our expectations.

By adhering to all the necessary codes, international standards, and practices we are committed to delivering the work that our customer demands from us and with this said no matter how complex or easy the project requirement is we are the leading consultants when it comes to engineering services or steel detailing services.

Connect with us to know more about the services or to outsource your project. Email us at - info@siliconec.com or can also fill the inquiry form and the team will reply to you with respective detail.

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