Mass Timber Buildings

Newest and Sustainable forms of developing buildings.

Mass Timber Buildings is the latest and the most trending services that is considered to be the innovative way to be with nature and using nature itself as the roof. In the era of the 21st century we all know what is the importance of time if the same is invested in the dedicated work. There is always a saying that change is an inevitable process of nature and hence it should be accepted with all happiness. The same concept does apply in the field of engineering too. Here the service that we are talking about is mass timber buildings that are considered for constructing buildings with the timber.

We all are aware that use of timber is considered to be a renewable construction material and has the strongest capacity that can be expanded with a proper forestry management system that is sustainable too. Usage of wood is considered to be for good and thus with the change in technology and the concept of developing building, many of the people overseas have started adopting the culture of developing the houses, villas, and building by using timber. Well in this complete process the overall costing of Timber Construction is less as compared to steel construction. Hence, with this said to proceed further let us check for some of the facts that the wood members use in this service.

Now proceeding further, when it comes to construction the companies here opt for constructing wooden buildings and the reason for the same is it contains large amounts of wood and timber. Here there is a use of prefabricated wood that helps in the creation of walls, roofs, and construction of floor. There are three concepts that are used more and those are Glue-Laminated Timber (Glulam), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), and Nail Laminated Timber (NLT). These are the wooden products that have proven to be the best and have given the result. This is with reference to performance, safety, and overall costing of the construction.

Now with this said let us give an answer to the question and that “Why Mass Timber”? The answer to this is simple and is lying with the engineered mass timber products. In short, here what message that needs to be conveyed is to utilize laminated as well as glue timber to make the work easier, faster, and convenient for the construction. Here the only motive is to use minimal use of timber frame systems as that would be a bit time consuming. Moving further, below is the systems that are taken into consideration for the creation of Mass Timber Structures and Mass Timber Design.

List of the Services :

The services that give results and are worth acknowledging are only possible when it is been followed by the designed process and services. Below mentioned is the list for the same.

Why Choose Silicon Engineering Consultants?

This is the most common question that arises and that is “Why”? Well, the answer to this is simple and easy to understand. With the help of a trained and efficient team of engineers, detailers, and drafters the workflow becomes easier, faster, and convenient. We at Silicon engineering consultants pvt ltd is one of the renowned and trusted engineering firms across the globe. Being into this sector we understand and adapt to the complete new tools, technology, and software that are required for creation of the timber design.

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