Structural Calculations

Every project is conceived and executed with special attention and utmost care of the client. A project from conception to execution goes through many stages of Calculations. It is nurtured by minds of the client and the architect put together deciding on what is the best Structural solution for a need such as the client’s. After much permutation and combination, once the design is finalized, the project reaches its Structural Engineering phase. Here, the building is analyzed purely as an Structural entity that is capable of transferring loads down to the earth and something that is to withstand other loads applied on it in case of worst case scenario. This analysis is done purely out of mathematical Calculations. This is where Structural Calculations come into the picture and the Structural Engineering Calculations get done after much analysis and Calculations.

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd.has a proficient set of Structural Engineering experts who have been in the Structural Calculations field for many years now. The Structural Engineering experts take their jobs seriously and produce Structural Calculations in the most meticulous and precise way possible. Silicon Engineering today utilizes the state of the art software such as STAAD, TEKLA (for steel structures) for all its Structural Engineering Calculations.

Services at Silicon Engineering also include Steel Detailing and drafting Services using the latest software of AutoCAD, TEKLA, etc. At Silicon Engineering, we have experienced staff that can generate the best Steel Fabrication Drawing. The Services provided in Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings at Silicon Engineering include Structural Steel Design Drawing, Steel member Fabrication Drawings, Steel Truss member Drawing, Steel connection details, etc. Silicon Engineering is proud of its quality control and can guarantee to the customer the best of Steel Fabrication Drawing.

Silicon Engineering is comfortable in Structural Engineering Calculations in any material, be it steel, wood or R.C.C. Structural experts and technicians at Silicon Engineering analyze the material used, decided on its strengths and weaknesses and accordingly come up with the most accurate Structural Engineering Calculations. Silicon Engineering also produces graphical representation of the bending moments are delivered by means of bending moment diagrams using STAAD and other such software.

The following is an exhaustive list of the services Silicon Engineering provides with respect to Structural Engineering Calculations

You can be absolutely assured that Silicon Engineering has the caliber and in depth knowledge of considering all the environmental factors such as rain, wind and snow and natural disasters such as earthquake, hailstorms, etc. while doing Structural Engineering Calculations of your building. Silicon Engineering makes sure that the above mentioned factors are well taken care of when we perform the complicated procedure of Structural design analysis and Engineering Calculations of your building.

Our Structural Engineering Calculations include a detailed analysis of the kind of load transfers that the building possesses, (trabeated – beam and column, arched, load bearing, frame Structural system, cantilevers, single supported, doubly supported, etc.) and then accordingly performs Engineering Calculations for the same. Silicon Engineering performs Structural Calculations especially for foundations (Pile foundation - Structural Engineering Calculations related to size of the pile cap, number of piles, Raft foundation, open foundation, depth of the foundation, size and number of footings, size of excavation, etc.)

Structural Engineering Calculations are made in context of the soil’s safe bearing capacity, its water holding strength and the depth at which the hard strata of rock is achieved. Be it the Structural Engineering Calculations of slab thickness (one-way, two-way, rebar detailing, precast, cast in-situ), beam depths, lintel depths and sizes or tie beam depth and sizes, Silicon Engineering caters to every Structural element with equal care and produces the best and most suitable Structural Engineering Calculations. Silicon Engineering also caters to Structural Engineering Calculations related to the number of reinforcements to be used in beams, columns, lintels, slabs, shear walls, staircase crank beams, etc. when it comes to R.C.C. Structural systems.

Allow Silicon Engineering to handle the Structural Engineering Calculations of your projects and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. Our precision and accuracy in Structural Engineering Calculations is unparalleled till date. Let your creativity explode in your design and we will ground it using our logical Structural Engineering Calculations.

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