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Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd presents you with the latest services which is called COBie. The full form of it is Construction Operations Building Information Exchange. It is the fastest and the most convenient way to transfer or exchange the information of building. This process is succeeded by following the international standards. We are in the 21st century where information is wealth. Each one of us have been upgrading ourselves and the routine of work with the latest and fastest moving technology and services.

COBie is also one of the services that has been a boom to the construction industry. This is the service which has transferred the designs of building information from papers to online. The only reason to follow this objective is to replace home-grown exchange templates to point cloud solutions. It also lets us know the lifecycle of digital information management in buildings. BIM services are very closely attached with COBie services. This in a way gives a proper and a well-coordinated support to the owners, contractors, engineers, designers, and so on. We provide COBie modeling for building design and construction planning in details.

History of COBie Services

In the initial time COBie services was not so easy as that compared in today’s time. The very first version of this service was launched in the year 2007. For which it’s standard was developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. As it was the first and the pilot project, post its success in the year 2011 there was recognition given to this service. This approval was given by the US-based National Institute of Building Sciences as part of its National Building Information Model (NBIMS-US) standard.

Let us proceed further and drill down more in its' history. The term BuildingSMART " has been very closely working with the FM handover model view definitions. This has now been "merged" with the National Building Information Model (NBIMS-US) standard. Well, in this V3 of the COBie services also plays a vital role. It is a joint effort between the buildingSMART International and the National Institute of Building sciences. In other words, this service is also named as “Basic FM Handover View”.

Not only this, but COBie has also been taken up by the UK BIM task group. This is because it has the ability and is the key deliverables for level 2 BIM. This is all related to the deliverable of native BIM files, COBie spreadsheets, PDF documentation and so on. To fulfill the clients' requirements and data the service of COBie is very much in demand and a must needed.

Basic Principles to be followed

With the development of any latest services, it does come with some basic rules and principles that is mandatory to be followed. When it comes to follow the basic principle of the COBie services we at Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd makes sure that it has been strictly followed and implemented. Below mentioned are the three basic and foremost principle that is to be followed with COBie.

FAQs of COBie

What is COBie?

This is the latest and demanded service that is closely associated with BIM model. COBie stands for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange.

Is it true that COBie is a building model?

What function does COBie uses?

Why COBie is required in a spreadsheet format?

Which software is used to create COBie?

What columns are mandatory in COBie?