Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

BIM or Building Information Modeling is the new as well as the latest services of approaching the designs. It is the process where you can convert all your paper design into a digital format. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants are masters in providing you with the full range of BIM services along with its different levels and types.

We all know that BIM is the shared knowledge-based service that has completely changed the way of thinking and preparing the designs and documents for the construction project. No matter whether you are undertaking any new project or are working on the redevelopment of the old building, the services of BIM are the must. Traditionally there was the time where engineers and the drafters were using the concept of 2D designs which comprises plans, elevations, sections, etc. But with the change in the techniques and new tools available in the market, these designs are now converted into 3D models. Also, to get the complete overview of the project we at Silcionec do provide you with the advanced level of details which is in the form of 4D, 5D,6D, and 7D.

The BIM service is the process that gives the architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) professional a realistic as well as a holistic view of the project. It is the process that is the answer to all your queries and concerns. It would actually be not wrong in saying that BIM gives the complete insight of the project and guide us to create a complete infrastructure with the help of tools, software, and advanced technology. Also, BIM services ensure the best practice and best returns of the investments by saving time, energy, and helping in the successful execution of the plan and project.

BIM Process followed by Silicon Engineering Consultants

For any project that needs to be constructed, there must be a proper and systematic process that needs to be followed. The core reason for it is to get a fruitful result which gives a long-term benefit. In the below-mentioned data, you will be getting the idea as to how the designers and engineers follow the process and execute their planning.

Benefits of BIM Services

Every service that has been launched has some of the other benefits. Similarly, it is with BIM services as well. Below mentioned are the uses and the benefits of the BIM that will be fruitful for both i.e. the client as well as the company.

Types of BIM Services

Moving further below mentioned are the types of BIM services that are been offered by us. These are the services that are the base without which the project execution plan cannot be started.

Why Choose Silicon Engineering Consultants?

Our company in India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand makes sure that there is a coordination between the client and the engineers. With this said if you are looking to outsource your BIM project, then yes, your one-stop solution is only and only at Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd.