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Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd is the prominent as well as one of the promising organization that delivers full-fledged and accurate 4D BIM services to its clients globally. Owing to the experience for over 12+years we undertake the complete responsibility and entity to deliver the best services of 4D BIM to our clients along with the process of following the BIM coordination drawings. The stage is called as the successful stage of “Construction and Scheduling”.

BIM services are incomplete unless followed by the process of LOD, and its stages. Here the stages that come in existence are from 3D BIM services to 7D BIM services. The team we have in-house has the complete knowledge of this service and the experts here ensure to provide 4D simulation in the sequence of the construction. This option shares the information and the entire workflow of the construction process along with the gain control and workflow conflicts. The entire process of the work is depending on the requirement of the clients, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, and the people who are closely working to get the work of construction done systematically.

Every level of the work that is determined in having its name stages defined. Thus this stage of the work is also given a name and the same is called “Construction and Scheduling”

The complete concept of the BIM projects is based on the 3D models. These are 2D drawings that are converted into 3D models by the clients or by our team of engineers. On the basis of these drawings and designs it is very easy for the BIM modelers to proceed with the project ahead and along with that to develop the stage of 4D simulation and it is the phasing stage also with the help of software navisworks. This stage of the work is considered to be the stage of distribution and allocation of the resources, procurement of the building raw materials, checking the suppy chain of the operational and managerial level of the work, along with the check of the risk mitigation.

Well, the business is considered to be a profitable venture with the help of the BIM services. It is very much necessary to encourage the entire team of the engineers and the contractors of the construction firm to keep on the work going and also to make a practice to schedule the work with visual validation of the service.

The software that is used to design BIM 4D is Autodesk Revit and Naviswork. With the assistance of these software, the modelers are able to generate accurate 4D construction videos that makes it easy to access the impact of the design that is been proposed and the number of resources that are enabled and allocated for the use of them on the site. On the basis of these designs and the information the team is able to create a informative chart in which the sequence of the work is allocated properly to keep an eye on the usage of the materilas and the reporting of the site engineers, and other team members who are collaboratively working with each other.

4D BIM Services Steps Includes:

Moving further, below is the list of the services that are included in the completion of the work and that is indeed plays a vital role and on the basis of these drawings the project is completed successfully.

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