A Detailed Report on the difference between BOQ (Bill of Quantity) & BOM (Bill of Material)

Building Information Modeling Services - BIM Services is the newest and the latest form of the service that has transformed as well as brought changes in several managerial as well as operational processes in the AEC industry. While thinking of undertaking bim consulting from leading bim engineering services providers, it is the core responsibility of the company as well as the engineer to share the entire segment of the project i.e from inception (planning) to its designing, and above all the execution of the project i.e its start of the actual construction. Indeed it is the biggest truth that BIM services have turned the tables and have brought tremendous positivity in acceptance of undertaking the concept of outsourcing BIM Modeling Services globally.

While working on designing and drafting BIM models, it is the BIM engineering outsourcing company that will enhance the capabilities of the work and this will be with the process of getting the deliverable of BIM solutions in 3D models. This way of acknowledging the services and their outcome always gives an easy way to think and make the process easier for designers, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders who are associated with BIM projects. This undertaking of the service always helps eliminate the wastage of material and plan the entire lifecycle of the building project with grace and perfection.

Moving further, when deciding or thinking for initiating proper project planning, two basic things need to be taken care of, or rather gives an instant strike and that is undertaking BOQ and BOM services. Bill of Materials (BOM) and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) are known to be the two strongest pillars for ensuring the overall planning process of BIM Services as well as bim drafting services.

Today, in this blog, we at Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd are emphasizing and discussing these two topics that have entirely changed and improvised the process that demands the creation and development of BOQ and BOM in BIM Services.

Introduction to Bill of Material (BOM) and Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

How Bills of Materials and Bills of Quantity is helping in BIM Services

Now let us proceed further and understand in detail how these services play an important role in BIM services as well as BIM Drafting Services.

The advanced technology that is undertaken by BIM service providers has indeed bought a tremendous change in the overall construction process. The implementation of accurately developed and designed BOM and BOQ service gave transparency in the overall construction process and with that has bought a great amount of control on the inventory list as well.

It is the core responsibility of the BIM modeling company to provide accurate service to its clients, AEC companies, and engineering firms to follow the work deliverables with the use of proper adherence of guidelines and with updating of the basic project budget. This process also goes with moving to have design modifications also.

The biggest benefit here the project managers will be having is with regards to procuring the required quantities of raw materials and products that will give a kick-start to the construction project. Moreover, it is that if the required material or products are missing, the same can be at the later stage bought at the site before or during the actual stage of construction work taking place.

BOQ services in building information modeling provide a clear view and data to suppliers and tenderer intimating them about the stages of the work being completed along with the time required for the completion of the work. On the other side of the coin if we see it is the service in which for the project owners/promoters, it gives perfect control of the overall costing of the project and also letting them know about the overall cash-flow of the work with creating the backlogs for payment cycles as well.

In one word to communicate we can say undertaking BOQ services and BOM services is beneficial services for an overall construction project. Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd is the leading and one-stop BIM design solution provider that assists clients in providing all types of BIM services along with acceptance of LOD services, and different stages.

Wrapping Up :

At Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd, we believe in providing 100% accurate and informative BIM services to our clients globally. The aim of our company is to believe in long-term business relationships and thus with our comprehensive and dynamic BOQs and BOMs, we give access to reduce the work to a great extent.

Looking to outsource your building information modeling services, then connect with one of the leading BIM engineering companies i.e Silicon Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. You can Connect With Us over a call or by email and the team will revert back to you.

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